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We make and sell clothing and accessories using kimono fabric and kimono belt fabric.


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How we got started

It was 11 years ago. We made a Japanese flower arrangement vase mat for New Year

and special occasions to be used as flower arrangement class teaching material.

Then we started to make some Japanese accessories made from kimono materials and clothing.

To start with I was learning how to make cotton dresses and knitting sewing but later on,

I started to learn kimono renovation, when I made a tunic for a friend of mine using her mum’s kimono.


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Our concept

Kimono used to be casual clothing and have been passed from grandmothers to their daughters  

and granddaughters for generations. 

However, as time passed, Kimono became luxury goods or special costumes for special occasions.

We felt it was a shame to leave precious kimono in the wardrobe, and would like to give

new life to old kimonos.

We are always remaking new kimono based products by having of a mind "mottainai"

which is one of our traditional culture. 

Small fabric patches left over after making clothing and bags are given to grandmothers

who enjoy hand sewing in nursery homes.

We are experts at kimono fabric fashion made In Japan. Skilled stay at home mums

and sewing masters are our members.

We are happy if our efforts to remake bags, stoles, and tunics leads to an increase in demand

for kimono fabrics and kimono craftsmanship.


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【What is Kimono fabric?】

Kimono fabric is made from 100% silk, which is gentle on your skin, and breathes well and keep you warm.
Kimonos are made utilising full traditional craftsmanship.

Hand- drawn colourful patterns that are like beautiful paintings.

The Embossed patterns stand out on plain fabric.

Some material has the same pattern on both sides.

And some the pattern is different so it is reversible.

Kimono fabrics present elegant colours, silky shininess and luxurious quality!

When it is remade into western clothing, it becomes an elegant, high quality one- of- a kind piece

and we recommend this to any woman who is looking for something different.

You will enjoy Kimono clothing for dinner parties or school reunions and you will stand out in the crowd.

The look of silk fabric is similar to polyester but silk is lighter and gentle on your skin in summer

and keeps you warm in winter under a sweater. 

Our Kimono fabric stall is very useful in an air conditioned room.

You can add luxurious silk to your fashion coordinate as a kimono fabric stall or a bag to start with.

We would like to introduce comfortable ‘Kimono fabric fashion items’ to you.


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【To overseas markets】

We have heard many people from overseas use kimono as a wall decoration.

I have seen a friend of mine from the U.S.A. hanging kimono belt on the ceiling.

We are honoured people from overseas love to use kimono as home decor  with different creative ideas.

We would like to introduce Kimono fabric clothing and bags to people who have never visited Japan.

Our designer who have lived overseas remake kimono fabric into something different
which suits our modern life style for women all over the world.

Traditional glorious patterns on Kimono fabrics are popular among people

who like vintage and popular as a gift for someonr as well.


You can get our Kimono fabrics stoles in "maison wa" in Paris, France.

Kimono fabric stoles are popular among French women because it makes you feel like you are wearing kimono.

We want to spread the beauty of Kimono to the world.